Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ok wow. i haven't done this in awhile. (i think the last time i posted by myself, i said the same thing. lol.) but really, i seriously haven't done this in awhile!!

well to start off.... i wanna talk about our acting real quick. (shocker???) well, recently, we went through a really hard period where we honestly believed that this may never happen. it really seemed.... well, IMPOSSIBLE. i mean, we really explored a lot of our options and what we really truly want out of life, and... things were not looking up, to say the least. we have been lacking support from other people than ourselves. its been hard. but, we've made it this far. i'm sure we can keep going and be just fine. it'd still be nice though.
but just last night, at around 2 in the morning, we had a really good talk... and i think we may have a better handle on things now. i think we got this. (:

so, today, one of my good friends got a hold of me to tell me that shes engaged. AHH!! i can't believe it. shes always been a little wild... and guess what?! shes known the guy for 3 weeks.
but hey, i'm not one to judge. i'm not in her relationship. i don't know how both of them honestly feel about each other. if she really believes he's the one... then by all means go for it! its just... crazy. 3 weeks. by the third day she had already given him a hand job. ok, i know they say that your friends reflect on who you are... and they do. she never used to be like this. we used to be thick as theives. but then we stopped talking for about 2 years... and now. this is who she is. lol. but when its just me and her, shes her old self. she just... sometimes does dumb things. but i guess i'm gonna be in the wedding?! (dear lord)

on a completely lighter note, i have recently diagnosed myself with circulation problems. EVERY night, i will wake up MULTIPLE times and find MULTIPLE body parts asleep. its starting to become BEYOND annoying. i mean, this is every freaking night!!! i will wake up and have to wake up my hands or my feet or my back, or any combination of those. i mean, is that a good thing? to have your body parts fall asleep so much? and its while i'm asleep, so i have no idea how long they've been asleep for. i don't think thats a good sign. lol. and guess what?! last night my LIP fell asleep. i mean... MY DAMN LIP. my bottom lip. i woke up and i couldn't feel my lip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm pretty sure thats not supposed to happen. lol.

ok, thats all for now folks. (:
ps. miss you. : /

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