Thursday, January 1, 2009

wow it's kinda funny how we still have this even though no one even looks at it. pretty amusing and yet pretty sad. haha.

things are the same as usual....we're on break at the moment. oh that reminds me: IT'S 2009!!! wow. another year's incredible how quickly time goes by. and of course we have to have a new years revolution. ours is pretty good if i do say so myself. we want to take more chances. take control of fate. be able to look back on this year and think: damn. look at us go. we want to make changes and become stronger and independent. of course this is way easier said than done, and most new years resolutions don't really work out. because most people just want to lose weight, they work at it for about a week, and then give up when they don't see the results they want. so let's not call this a new years resolution, let's call this....a life style change. a new beginning. a new life. a new us.

and since no one reads this, there is no one to bore about the fact that everytime we post we are likely to bring up the one we lost. the one that we will never forget. we looked at some of our old posts and comments i mean i am just at a loss for what to say. you told us never to doubt you. that you always thought about us and never forgot about us those times that you left before. was it true? any of it? we need to know. we need you to know that we need to know. we won't forget. no matter how long you're gone. even if it's forever. we will always wonder about you. about what it was that made you leave. you changed us. you encouraged us. you made us who we are today. we need you to know that. we need you to come back. i don't want to beg...but really at this point i feel as though i could get on my knees and just scream for you to come back to us. i'm sorry about before when we left for a month or whatever. i'm not sure if that's what the problem was but...whatever it was...we're sorry. i am sorry that after you left i freaked out...but i needed to get out what i was feeling. please...if you read this and feel nothing and want nothing to do with us and have basically nothing to say...then i guess....just leave it at that. and if that's how it is...try and remember. think back. remember the very beginning...up until the very end....remember how it was? the way we depended on eachother? please. just...give us something. we need answers. we need to know that you cared. we need to know that it was real.

time's a funny thing...has it really been seven months......

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