Thursday, February 19, 2009

i hate making titles

haha i love how we changed the background back. i guess we can never let go of the past. oh well, time goes on, ready or not.

omg. guess what me and rina freaking did. we dyed our hair. BLACK. omg. i mean this is just like...BAM. i mean if you had asked me a week ago if i was going to dye my hair, i would've been like um, hellllll no. but, here i am. haha. the problem is that we used the demi-permanant crap, so that means that it like washes out in the shower. soooo we're like petrified to take a freaking shower!! we have problems. like intense, completely insane, problems. :)

so, recently we've been getting close with our aunt. and she's completely successful and rich and all that stuff. and we've been helping her get some things done for money, and with the promise that she's going to come on trips with us to places all over the country, and eventually, the world. she has a million and four pictures from her life, and we were sorting them for her, and she was telling us all about her life. then we come to find that she was an AWESOME chick. i mean she was a partier and she married right out of high school and accidently got pregnant, and then of course her and her husband broke up before the kid was even a year and so she had to support her kid and she went to college and eventually married our uncle (who she completely adores) and she's totally successful. like i never would have expected that from her, it's amazing. she said she had so much fun, and she wants us to experience life and everything as well. she wants us to be more outgoing and to just have fun! i really look forward to spending more time with her cause she really is like becoming a sort of mentor to us and it's really awesome!

we might be posting some pictures of our most recent venture to the country. we went to the same places as last time (though without climbing the tree because it was just FREEZING). and it's incredible how that place can seem to change so much, and yet, it will always be there.
till next time-

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